Poker Mavens - Free Trial Download

The trial version of Poker Mavens has the same features as the Lite version except that it is limited to 500 total hands and only supports the Limit version of Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Also, trial versions have a separate directory listing located at

The installation routine will place all the program files into a directory of your choice and will add the appropriate shortcut icons to your start menu and desktop. No adware, spyware or any third-party programs will be installed on your computer. You may remove Poker Mavens at any time with the built-in uninstall routine.

Launch the program from the icon and press F1 to display the help file. Begin with the "Getting Started" topic. See this page for port forwarding help with your router.

Version 7 Download links

  • Exe format (pmav.exe, 4.7 MB). Download and run to start the installation.
  • Zip format (, 4.7 MB). Setup program wrapped inside a Zip file.

Utility Programs

This page contains extra Windows utility programs for Poker Mavens that are not included in the main program download.