Poker Mavens - Buy Licensed Version

Purchase a Version 6 server license for $39.95 (Lite), $149.95 (Pro), or $499.95 (Gold) and invite your friends to play for free using only their web browser. Or host a public game and invite anyone to play. Order the fully licensed Poker Mavens software from the Order Form page. Download delivery provided via email link. To upgrade from any previous version at a discount, or from Lite to Pro or from Pro to Gold, contact Kent Briggs for upgrade instructions.

Lite/Pro/Gold Feature Matrix

FeatureLite VersionPro VersionGold Version
Custom Client ColorsYesYesYes
Application Programming InterfaceYesYesYes
Custom HTML / Banner AdsNoYesYes
Custom Graphics / AvatarsNoYesYes
Rake and Tournament FeesNoYesYes
Ring Tables1Unlimited*Unlimited*
Max Tables Per Tournament1100100
SSL Encryption OptionNoYesYes
Remote Administration Accounts11Unlimited
Chip Currencies112
Client Languages115
Unbranded ClientNoNoYes
64-bit Server OptionNoNoYes

* Limited only by available resources (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth)