Server Interface

The System tab contains a list of server settings for configuring and customizing your poker server. It also contains a toolbar for starting and stopping the game server as described below.

Toolbar Commands

Start - Click this button to put your game server online. This allows players to connect and login into your poker site. Ring games and tournaments that are set for "Auto Online" will be activated immediately.

Stop - Click this button to take your game server offline. No one can connect to your server when it is in the offline state.

Client - Click this button to load the player client by launching your default web browser and linking to localhost ( and the file port.

Admin - Click this button to pull down a menu that will allow you to (1) launch the remote admin interface in your default browser and (2) display the admin rights editor (Gold edition only feature).

Tray - Click this button to minimize the server program to the System Tray in the lower right corner of the screen. To restore the server interface to its previous position, either double-click the tray icon or right-click it and select "Restore server module" on the popup menu.

Edit - Click this button to edit the selected property value in the list below the toolbar. You can also double-click a property value directly to invoke the value editor.

Message - Click this button to post a message from the Administrator into the lobby chat box in the client interface.

Help - Click this button to display the help menu.

Property Editor

The property editor contains a list of configuration settings, grouped into several sections as described below. To edit a property value, either double-click it or select it and then click the Enter key on your keyboard or the Edit button on the toolbar. When a property is selected in the list, a brief description of it is displayed in the yellow box just below the list. Note: some properties cannot be changed while the game server is online. In those cases, the Ok button on the editor dialog will be disabled.

Site Information - this section contains properties for identifying and publishing your poker site.

Server Settings - this section contains technical settings related to the game server.

Admin Settings - this section contains Remote Administration and Application Programming Interface (API) settings.

Chip Settings - this section contains chip, balance, and currency settings.

Account Settings - this section contains settings related to the player accounts.

Client Settings - this section contains settings related to the player client interface.

Client Media - These are media settings related to the player client interface. Use the Color Scheme Utility on the web site for help in choosing custom colors. See the Table Templates page on the web site for instructions on creating custom table graphics.

SMTP Server - This section contains outgoing email server (SMTP) settings, used to send emails to players for account validation, recovery of forgotten passwords, and for the Buddy List function.

Log Settings - This section contains settings related to the Event and Error Logs.

Web Settings - This section contains settings for inserting banner ads or other custom web content into the client's HTML wrapper (desktop mode only). These features are only available in the Pro/Gold version of Poker Mavens.

Callback Events - These settings will allow the poker server to call an external web script when specific events and errors occur. This system is only active when the poker server is online.

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