Ring Games
Server Interface

A ring game (also known as a cash game) is a single-table poker game where the players are free to come and go as they please. Play continues as long as there are at least two players seated. Ring games have a minimum and a maximum buy-in range of chips. The buy-in is deducted from the player's account balance when they join a table and any remaining chips in their possession is credited back to their account when they leave. Players can add to their chip stack (known as a rebuy) while sitting at the table whenever their chip stack falls below the maximum buy-in limit.

The Ring Games tab contains a list of ring game tables that are available on your poker site. A toolbar of commands just above the list is used to manage the game properties as described below. There is no limit to the number of ring game tables that you can add to the list. However, only one table (ring game or tournament, but not both) can be put online at any given time in the Lite and Trial versions of Poker Mavens. To run multiple tables simultaneously, you must use Poker Mavens Pro or Gold.

Toolbar Commands

View - Click the View button (or double click a game in the list) to view the leaderboard and waiting list for the selected ring game.

Add - Click the Add button on the toolbar to add a new ring game to your site. An input form will be displayed as shown below. Click in any field and a description of that property will be displayed in the yellow box.

Ring Game Properties

Clone - Click the Clone button on the toolbar to add a new ring game to your site and initialize its settings using the settings of an existing game, selected in the list.

Edit - Click this button on the toolbar to edit the properties of the selected ring game. If the game server is running and the selected table is currently online, the Ok button on the input dialog will be disabled. You must first take the game offline to edit any of its properties. Beginning with version 6, you can now edit multiple tables at the same time. Select them individually using Ctrl-click or in a block with Shift-click. Then click the Edit button. Fields not modified will keep their original values.

Delete - Click the Delete button to delete the selected ring game tables from your site. You cannot delete tables that are currently online.

Import - Click the Import button to add ring game tables previously saved to a file with the Export button. The import function will not overwrite any existing ring games with the same name.

Export - Click the Export button to save the selected ring game tables to a file in JSON format. This function can be used for backup purposes or to transfer to another server.

Message - Click the Message button to send a short popup message to all players seated at the selected tables.

Action - Click the Action button on the toolbar to display a menu with these commands affecting the selected tables:

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