Server Interface

The Language tab contains a complete list of Client Module captions and messages that can be customized in virtually any Unicode-compatible language. It also contains a toolbar for importing and exporting language files and resetting captions back to their default English values.

Toolbar Commands

Import - Click this button to load a previously saved language file into the specified language column. The values in the file will overwrite the current settings.

Export - Click this button to backup the selected language settings to a language file. Values are saved in XML format.

Search - Click this button to display the search and validation menu.

Copy - This function allows you to copy selected items from one language column to another.

Delete - This function allows you to delete selected items in the currently selected language column.

Property Editor

The property editor contains a list of language settings, grouped into several sections that describe the part of the client module where they are used. The Default column contains the default English language strings that appear in the player client. This column cannot be modified. The Language 1 to Language 5 columns can be used for custom languages. These languages must be activated on the System tab in the Client Settings group. Only the Gold version can activate Languages 2 to 5 but all versions can activate Language 1. The Default column is deactivated when any of the custom languages are activated. If you have the Gold edition and want to include the default English language with others, just copy the default column to Language 1 and start your custom languages in the Language 2 column. When multiple languages are active, the players can switch between them in the client using the Options menu in the lobby window. Or you can override that using the Language startup parameter.

To edit a property value, either double-click it or select it and then click the Enter key on your keyboard. When a property is selected in the list, a brief description of it is displayed in the yellow box just below the list with the default English value in blue. Leave a value blank to use the corresponding Default column value. To actually force a blank value, use the special %blank% keyword.

Note that most of the menu captions, button labels and column headers have a fixed amount of space available to be displayed in the client so be mindful of that when entering translations. You may need to abbreviate some items.

Items with numbers in between percent signs (%1%, %2%, etc.) are placeholder variables. These are replaced with applicable names and numbers at runtime and therefore must appear in your translated settings also. Use the "find missing place holders" function on the Search menu to make sure you did not miss any.

You cannot change language properties while the game server is online.

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