Startup Parameters
Technical Information

Server Startup Parameters

The server module (PMServer.exe) supports a single command line parameter: -autostart which will put the game server online immediately when the program starts and then will minimize itself to the system tray. This option is used when the "Auto start server at bootup" system property is enabled and an entry is created in the Windows registery at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\.

Client Startup Parameters

The client module supports the following parameters that can be passed to the game server's file port via an HTTP GET or POST command:

SitePassword - specify the site's password if one is set for the site. Otherwise the player will be presented with a password form for manually entering the site password. Example:

LoginName and LoginPassword - these must be used together to automatically log a player into the site as soon as the player client is loaded. Otherwise the player can login manually. If this option is used, it is recommended that the parameters be sent via HTTP POST rather than GET so that the player's password is not visible in the browser's address bar. Either way, the password will be visible in the HTML wrapper that can be seen with the browser's View Source function. Example:

LoginName and SessionKey - this is the preferred method for automated logins as it doesn't expose the player's password in the URL or the HTML wrapper. The Session Key is generated by the AccountsSessionKey API command and acts as a temporary password for the player as it can only be used once. You must generate a new key for every new login. This login method can be made mandatory with the "Require session keys" option in the Account Settings if you want to prevent players from bypassing your web interface and logging in manually. Example:

TableName - specify a ring game or tournament table name that will be opened automatically after the player logs in. Set TableType to "R" for a ring game or "T" for a tournament. If the table is private you must also pass a TablePassword parameter. For multi-table tournaments, append " - Table n" to the name to open a specific table number. Otherwise, Table 1 will be opened by default. Example: Weekly Tourney - Table 3&TableType=T&TablePassword=xyz123

TableDelimiter - use this parameter to specify a character (or string of characters) that separates the table names, types, and passwords when you want to open up more than one table. You must use a character that does not already appear in the selected table names or passwords. This example opens two ring tables where only the second uses a password and a comma is used as the delimiter:,RingPrivate&TableType=R,R&TablePassword=,Test&TableDelimiter=,

GUIMode - use this parameter to override the player's local GUI Mode Interface setting. You may select from "desktop", "mobile", or "auto" as the parameter value. Example:

Language - use this parameter to specify the custom language number (1 to 5) for the player's client interface (overriding the player's local setting). This feature is only available in the Gold version and only when multiple languages are active at the same time. Example:

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