HTML Client
Player Interface

The client module is an HTML5 web app that is automatically served to the player's web browser when they connect to your site for the first time. This means the player does not have to install any new software to play at your site. The web app connects back to the server on a web socket port for two-way communication. All major browsers now support this capability including Internet Explorer 10, FireFox 11, Chrome 14, Safari 6, and Opera 12.1. On tablets and smart phones with 640 x 480 resolutions or higher, the client module will work with iOS Safari 6 for iPhones and iPads and Chrome and FireFox for Android.

The client module can be configured for two different interfaces: Desktop and Mobile. Devices with touch capability are automatically set to Mobile mode while non-touch devices are set to Desktop mode. However, the user can override this configuration from the Lobby menu if they choose. Both modes are touch and mouse compatible.

Desktop Interface

The Desktop interface consists of a resizable/draggable lobby window with independent table windows (all within the canvas of the browser) that are also resizable/draggable.

Mobile Interface

In the Mobile interface, the lobby is fixed to full screen mode and the tab controls have been removed to maximize space. Use the Lobby menu to access the various tab pages, including an "Open tables" tab where all the open tables are placed. Only one table at a time is visible in Mobile mode but the user can switch to other tables using left and right navigation arrows as seen below. The "+" buttons located below the navigation arrows allow the user to zoom in on the various table controls: sitout checkboxes and chat text on the left side, next move checkboxes and bet buttons on the right side.