Poker Mavens 5.06 Released

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Poker Mavens 5.06 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:46 pm

Upgrade page:


Added AccountsSearch command to API. Pass a player name to this command and it will return the list of ring and tournament tables where they are seated or in the waiting list. It will also return their chips stacks at the ring tables they are playing and the registration chips used in the tournaments where they are waiting. Previously you had to make several calls and loop through the table lists to gather all this information about a single player.

Added "Turn warning" and "Bank Sync" to ring and tourney settings. Previously the warning given to a player when their turn was about to expire was hard coded at half the turn clock value or 10 seconds, whichever was smaller. Also the "Request time" button appeared when this warning was sent. Now you can specify when that warning is given with the new "Turn warning" setting (defaults to 10 seconds). And if you want the time bank button to appear immediately, set "Bank sync" to "No". Note that if your "Turn clock" value is less than 20 seconds, you should manually adjust the "Turn warning" value to half that value if you want it to perform the same as before.

Added send buttons to chat boxes. A "down arrow" button now appears at the end of the chat edit fields. Clicking it is the same as pressing enter after entering your chat text. This was added to be compatible with PlayStation systems that don't properly display an Enter key with its built-in web browser. Previously players on that system could enter chat text but could never send it.

Added error trapping/logging to SQLite database updates. If for any reason updates to the various databases fail, you should now get a message in the Error Log indicating the problem.
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