Poker Mavens 2.70 Released

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Poker Mavens 2.70 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:59 pm

Upgrade patches:

New Features:

Windows server console is now Unicode compatible and requires Windows 2000 or later. This means that non-English characters will now display correctly in the Windows console and all data files are now saved in UTF-8 format. Support for Windows 98/ME has been dropped since those versions of Windows are not Unicode compatible. This only affects the computer where the server is running, not the player end.

Added Language tab to server console for customizing all captions and messages that appear in the flash client with another language or alternate wording. Now you can run a non-English site in virtually any language. This only affects the client end and only one language can be active at a time. The server console, remote admin interface, and API remain in English. English sites can still use this feature if they want to change the wording in any of the captions or messages displayed in the player client.

Added "Use custom language", "Use custom client hh" and "Use custom server hh" properties to the Client Settings group on the System tab for enabling language settings. The two "hh" settings allow you to keep the hand history files in English while using a non-English language for everything else.

New "Description" field added to Ring Games and Tournaments for displaying customized text in the game's information window. This can be up to 500 characters (including HTML links) and will be displayed at the top of the "Table Info" and "Tournament Info" windows. The HTML tags supported include the same ones available in the Site News window. See the help file under Server Interface|System|Site News for more info.

Failed login attempts for the Remote Admin and API are now recorded in the Error Log. This will help you see if anyone has tried to hack their way into your site.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug where local time 12 am would display as 00 am.
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