Server Interface

An account must be created for each player before they can log into your server and observe or play at any of your poker tables. You can configure your system to allow players to create their own accounts from the player client module (see the "Allow New Accounts" setting on the System tab). Otherwise, you can create player accounts on the Accounts tab in the server module. This page contains a list of all player accounts in your system and toolbar of commands to manage those accounts.

Toolbar Commands

Add - Click the Add button on the toolbar to add a new player account to your site. An input form will be displayed as shown below. Click in any field and a description of that property will be displayed in the yellow box. See the Player Interface - Poker Lobby section to see the interface that the players use to create their own accounts.

Account Properties

Edit - Click this button on the toolbar to edit the account properties of the selected player. You should avoid making changes to an account when the player is currently logged in.

Delete - Click the Delete button to delete the selected player accounts. You cannot delete accounts for players that are currently logged into your server.

Import - Click the Import button to add player accounts or player notes previously saved to a file with the Export button. When importing accounts, player names cannot already exist or else you will see an error message. When importing players notes, an account for that player must already exist and you have the choice to Replace or Append the notes. With the Replace option, all existing notes (including chat blocks and color labels) authored by the player found in the import file will be deleted before any new notes are imported. Existing accounts are not affected if their names are not in the import file.

Export - Click the Export button to save the selected player accounts or player notes to a file in JSON format. This function can be used for backup purposes or to transfer to another server. Player notes are the notes that players make in the client interface about other players. These should be treated as private and confidential. Player notes are kept in a database file separate from the account settings and are not related to the "Note" field in the account settings.

House - Click the House button to show the current balance of all house accounts:

Use the Inc, Dec, or Set buttons to adjust balances by amount specified. Use the Log button to record the current balances in the event log.

Chips - Click the Chips button to display a menu of commands for adjusting chip balances of all selected players. This method is safe to use even while players are logged in and playing. The follow commands are available:

Tokens - Click the Tokens button to display a drop menu for finding, adding and removing single permission or ticket tokens (or setting the full list), to all selected accounts.

Buddy List - Click the Buddy List button to add the selected accounts to a Buddy List or to view the Buddy List editor. A buddy list is a list of friends that you can invite via email to log into your poker site.

You can create multiple buddy lists, each with a unique name. Click the "Compose Email Invitation" button to create an email message addressed to all the recipients in the current buddy list. Poker Mavens will use the SMTP settings that you provided in the System tab to send the outgoing emails. A form will be displayed so that you can customize the outgoing message:

Check the "Send copy to self" box to have a copy of the message sent to the "From" address. To prevent the players from seeing each other's email addresses, set the "Send as" option to either "Single message (BCC)" or "Separate messages". You can adjust the subject line and the message body as you see fit before sending.

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