Server Interface

The Connections tab contains a list of all the current connections and logins to your server. A toolbar of commands just above the list is used to manage the connections as described below.

Connection Fields

Toolbar Commands

Search - Click the Search button to search for a player and show a list of tables where they are seated or waiting.

Message - Click the Message button to send a short popup message to all selected connections.

Terminate - Click the Terminate button to logout and disconnect all selected connections. Players in tournaments will be placed in "sitout" mode until blinded out. Players in ring games are removed immediately.

Blacklist - Click the Blacklist button to add the selected players to the blacklist or to view the existing blacklist. Anyone in the blacklist will not be able to log into your site.

You can select any combination of three parameters to set your ban: Player Name, IP Address, or PC. The PC value is an identifying number tied to the specific computer that is currently connected. Use the Add button to manually add a player to the blacklist even if they have already disconnected. IP and PC values can be retrieved from the log files. You may include asterisks as octet/hextet wildcards in IPv4/IPv6 addresses (examples: 192.168.1.*, 1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:*).

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