Poker Mavens - Language Files

Updated 2018-09-05


Below are links to various XML language files that can be saved to your local drive and then imported into Poker Mavens (version 2.70 or later). These settings allow a site administrator to run a non-English version of the game. Some files may not be up to date as new settings are added over time to match new features in the game. Use the Search|Validate Settings command on the Language tab to locate settings that need manual translation.

Enable the "Use custom language" property in the Client Settings group on the System tab to activate your language file. Only one language can be active at any time although you do have the option of keeping the hand history text in English.

A translation for every caption and message that appears in the player client (over 800 items) is contained in the file so loading them via the Import button on Poker Maven's Language tab will save you the effort of having to type in the translations yourself. Note that these files are user-submitted and have not been verified for accuracy. If you have made a better translation file or one in a language not listed below that you would like to share, please contact Kent Briggs.


Russian v4.00 - submitted by Kacnep from Russia

German v2.75 - submitted by Patrick from Germany

Spanish v2.78 - submitted by Leon from Florida, USA

French v2.81 - submitted by Herve from France

Chinese GBK v3.15, Chinese BIG5 v3.15 - submitted by lsu666666 from Taiwan

Simplified Chinese v5.24 - submitted by WANG Cui from Shanghai, China