Poker Mavens 7.08 Released

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Poker Mavens 7.08 Released

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Upgrade page:

*** Remember to shut down the server completely and close the service manager before running the patch ***


Added Site Password POST setting in (System -> Site Information group) for POST/GET form method option. In the past, the form that collects the site password has always submitted it back to the server with the GET method, which places the password as a URL parameter. The advantage of this is that the URL can be bookmarked as-is and the player will not have to re-enter it each time. Nor will they have to re-enter it when refreshing their browser window to force a new login. The disadvantage is that an observer looking over a player's shoulder can see it. Now you have the option to submit the password using the POST method, which hides the password in the headers. The disadvantage of POST is the player will need to re-enter the password each time if they bookmark the URL as seen (although they can modify their own bookmark and place the password back in the URL if they wish too). Also if they refresh their browser window the browser will ask them to "Confirm Form Resubmission" and they will need to click the Continue button.

Fixed re-login bug that failed to remove old session. If for some reason a player submitted multiple login attempts in a rapid succession, the server was not deleting the old sessions fast enough and possibly causing duplicate logins to appear. Hopefully this won't happen any more.

Fixed stakes display bug in lobby for mixed games. In a mixed ring game, the lobby was showing the stakes for that game based on the current (or last) game played. Limit games use the small bet/big bet as the stakes whereas non-limit games use the blinds as the stakes. To avoid this confusion, the lobby will display the stakes of mixed games using the blinds unless every game in the mix is a limit game.

Fixed bug in Proxy WSS setting that used wrong websocket port. Previously this setting was redirecting to the WSS port (which is typically disabled for sites using this setting because they have SSL enabled in their proxy but not in Poker Mavens). Now it goes to the WS port.

Table now self-corrects if mixed game change missed due to dropped connection. Previously a player could see the last hand in a mix, drop their connection while a new mix game was started, and then the table was configured wrong when they reconnected.

End Break Early box now appears when opening final table during rest break. Previously if someone opened the table after the rest break started, they would not see the checkbox unless another player updated theirs.
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