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Stripped Deck 5 Card Stud

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2022 1:57 pm
by Supersonics
We are loving the new Dealers Choice ring table option, we had two full Dealers Choice tables going last night with some incredible action.
Courchevel Hi-Lo has been the most popular pick so far.

How hard would it be to add a Stripped Deck 5 Card Stud variant?

Just like 6+ Hold'em, the 2-5 cards would be removed leaving a 36 card deck. Hand rankings would match 6+ where a Flush beats a Full House.

This would be a fun one to add to Dealer's Choice, and since there are 36 cards in play, a 7 player table could pick this variant, which is the max table size I use for Dealer's Choice so we can accommodate 6 Card Omaha variants and Stud Variants.