"desktop client"

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"desktop client"

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Hey guys,

Not really a question, just thought I'd share how I made a "desktop client".

People are creatures of habit. i.e. most of my friends are used to play on PokerStars, using their desktop client.
So, logging into a website and playing online, didn't give them the "feel" they were looking for.


1. Create a portable chrome

2. Create the following batch file -

@echo off
start "" "%~dp0\client.exe" --content-shell-hide-toolbar --suppress-message-center-popups --app=http://www.yourpokermavensite.com:8087

3. Run "batch-to-exe" (open source, readily available on google) on said batch file.

4. Pack it up using NSIS & HM NSIS EDIT.

And there you have it. You've just created a "desktop client".

Hope this helps.
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