Mavens Playa - Full Management Poker Mavens Platform

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Mavens Playa - Full Management Poker Mavens Platform

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If you want to get your poker site up and running quickly and easily with minimal time and cost, Mavens Playa is the best choice.
With Mavens Playa, you are able to run an online poker site based on mavens poker that suits your needs and provides your players with a fulfilling experience with an excellent user interface.
What makes Mavens Playa special
• Developed by an experienced team of professionals
• Inexpensive and fast setup
• Guaranteed security
• Offers multiple customizable payment methods and withdrawal options
• No time zone restrictions
• Multilingual functionality
• Compatible with all devices
• Offers 24x7 customer service
Mavens Playa Features

1. multilingual usability
With multilingual usability, you allow your users to change your website to a language that is more convenient for them. This way, more users from all over the world will welcome your website.

2. multiple payment methods
Some of your users may not be able to pay using the method you offer, causing them to leave the site. One way to avoid this problem is to provide users with multiple payment methods, making it easier for them to choose and pay with ease.
Your users will feel more comfortable and satisfied if you offer them more payment options.
Mavens Playa offers a variety of cryptos, digital currencies, such as Perfect Money, Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal and all other methods that can be used.

3. multiple withdrawal options
Depending on which country your user lives in, there may be restrictions when it comes to withdrawing money from their account. Offer them multiple payment options for their convenience.

4. integrates easily with poker mavens
Mavens Playa integrates easily with Poker Mavens and players can play and enjoy their favorite games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, 7 Card Stud, etc.

Mavens Playa Back office
It's easy for you to manage the website. You can enable or disable the management tools without having to contact a developer. They can be turned on or off with just one click.
Are you interested in using a specific payment gateway? Or how would you like your users to withdraw cash? What currency do you want to use on your website? All of these features and more are offered.
Let us take a closer look at the features you can use to manage your website:

1. payment methods
All payment methods are available in this part of the back office. For each payment method there are settings like the supported currencies, and each currency has its own settings. You can enable or disable each payment method or change its settings. It is so easy that you can do this task yourself in a relatively short time.

2. withdrawal options
In this part of the administration, all withdrawal options are available to you. You can enable or disable any of these options or change their settings at any time.

3. base currency and time zone
It does not matter where you are from. In this section, you can specify which time zone you want to work in and adjust your base currency accordingly.

4. Other options
All the necessary facilities for managing a website are also available to you. Such as managing your users, reporting their withdrawals and payments, receiving user messages and being able to respond quickly, etc.Also you can order no limit customization.

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Mavens Playa - Full Management Poker Mavens Platform
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