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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by ethankailey »

Would like to hire an experience PHP scripting programmer, to install Poker Mavens on to a server that can accommodate players from our website to play on tournaments. This won't involve any of the website design, I just need the PHP coding done in order to achieve these options on my website.

1) Registration option for the clients on the website, which would correlate to the poker mavens server application.
2) User login option on the website, which would correlate to the user accounts on the poker mavens server.

Please contact me at andrew2003j[email protected]

Thank you!!
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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by BizProMedia »

I am a php programmer and WordPress expert.

I am able to write WordPress plugins to interface with the PokerMavens software.

Fritz Barnes
(215) 272-9662

I am professional PHP JS developer

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Re: I am professional PHP JS developer

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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by lildamien09 »

Hello again fellow pm users, and hello to mr briggs its been a while since iv been in the community here to help you and the pm users out. i just recent finished my graphic and web design degree and partnered up with my associate to make things pop in the web design and graphic design world again. If anyone is looking for a custom web site to be designed and/or looking for api integration with there current site to work flawlessly with poker mavens server feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

Also i have set up some cloud servers to host websites so that is available if needed. my web hosting services offer the capabilities needed to run the required programming involved to interact with mr briggs software here along with other features to boost your website capabilities.

i am also available for prgramming questions and advice as i have been in the past. thanks
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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by BossJr »

Hallo and a happy new year 2020.

Is this tread all dead? Im looking for a programmer who can integrate my NetEller account or something else to Poker mavens.

I my players transfer 100 dollars ( or any other currency ) they get 100 playmoney automatically on their account.

Is this a possibility?

Hit me up here:
mail: [email protected]
skype: live:matin93_1

Best regards
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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by all1word »

Hi. Looking for someone who can make the API generate a list of emails of everyone who played a specific tournament. Currently, I have to manually go through all my accounts and click on the ones that I want to export emails for. My email: [email protected]

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Enhance Mavens: game alerts, smart hand viewer, text/voice

Post by MavensTools »

Hello, Mavens admins. I’m an experienced programmer who can use the Mavens API (programming interface), the callback system, and web, text and phone technologies to add a whole bunch of great functionality for you and your players and relieve you of a lot of the work of administering your site.

Here are some things I can build for you:
  • An alert system that proactively texts or emails your players when ring games or tourneys begin (or when a tourney is starting soon), within the parameters (time of day, game formats, stakes, etc.) that players choose. Great for getting players into games. Plus admin alerts for you when players register for tourneys, games start/end, a big pot was played, players bust out — whatever’s important to you.
  • A text-message response system that allows your players to text a dedicated phone number to easily register for tourneys, get their balance, find out which ring games and tourneys are running, and get hand histories for their most recent hand or a specific hand. Plus diagnostic information for you: system status, players connected/logged in, player balances, games/tourneys running — anything that’s happening on your server. Plus admin actions: send a message to tourney or ring tables, put tables online/take them offline, etc. See sample texts and responses below.
  • A web-based hand viewer that goes far beyond the Mavens hand review window to show hands in either (1) nicely formatted text or (2) an innovative and informational grid layout, and allows you to quickly search for hands based on a range of criteria. Players can then easily copy/paste the plain text of the hand or click to create a screenshot of just the grid or text. See example images below.
  • More web-based tools — pick and choose the system functions that are most important to you, and I’ll build you an interface to access them easily.
  • A voice-response system that can do any of the above through the same dedicated number and voice commands. Less efficient but more fun than texting.
  • Automatically-generated Excel files containing each player’s session history — table name, game type, start/end/hours, initial buyin, rebuys, hands played, cashout, net — that can be automatically emailed in response to a text request.
  • A Google Sheet for you (and your players, if desired) that tracks daily results for each player.
  • A backend database for you (in Google Sheets so it’s easily updateable by you) that stores any administrative information about players and is accessible programmatically.
  • Have other ideas? If the API or callback system can access it, I can use/manipulate/provide it, and I can customize any of the above however you like.
  • Everything is password-protected or verified via the texter’s/caller’s number, so only registered members can access site info.
I’m enthusiastic about these features and would love to help you add them to your site. My rates are reasonable and I’m a communicative worker; I want to make sure that you get what you want and are kept apprised of the status of my work.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

LB Finer

Example texts and alerts
Example texts and alerts
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Hand viewer in grid view
Hand viewer in grid view
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Hand viewer in list view
Hand viewer in list view
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LB Finer
Mavens Tools — Enhance your Mavens experience with text alerts, hand viewer, game summaries, reports and more
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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by blockgators »

looking for a dev to install PM contact me at Skype live:blockgatorsarmy
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Re: Programmers for hire

Post by jdelano »

Very nice!!
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