Need some help with Cloudflare & Websockets

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Need some help with Cloudflare & Websockets

Post by Ning »

Okay, this issue I have has grown to become entirely frustrating. I'm more than willing to pay for someone to help me solve it.

I have a small little server farm, but unfortunately I only have one IP. I have multiple domains and subdomains that are all hosted from this farm. I run a reverse proxy (nginx) and it routes the requests internally within the network to where they need to go.

I've had Cloudflare (reverse proxy) --> Poker Maven setup and working, that's fine but I want to be able to place Poker Mavens on it's own subdomain such as:

I need to run: Cloudflare (reverse proxy)--> server farm (reverse proxy) ---> Poker Mavens. This is where things start to break. I'm essentially trying to double proxy the websockets and I'm doing something wrong, missing a header, or I don't know what. I'd love to be able to have all of this work and keep my poker maven server in-house where I can easily back it up and have full control over it. If someone has experience with this type of setup or nginx, please reach out. I'm more than willing to pay for your time or help. I can reach the site but I can't successfully setup the websocket connections.

I'm tired of reading stack overflow, any and every forum, and copy pasting my heart out and refreshing browsers. I'm shooting in the dark and I know it's just simply a configuration issue. I'll be watching this thread / private messages. If you need more information just let me know but as I said, I'm ready to pay for your time. I could always just pay for a VPS and host my server there, but I want to keep it in house.
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Re: Need some help with Cloudflare & Websockets

Post by AdelinaMoore »

You need setup as a reverse proxy - nginx vhost, and route ws to maven. And need pass firewall rules too.
UPD: For 100% success you need dstnat route without nginx, tcp/ip route to maven. For this you need Mikrotik OS or PfSense.
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