Player cards won't show

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Player cards won't show

Post by PandemicPlayer »

In our group of a dozen players, several continue to report that sometimes, during a hand, their cards will not show even as the hand continues for others.

They insist that it is not because they have clicked their cards to accidentally hide them.

They insist that hitting the new table refresh button does not solve the problem.

Generally refreshing the browser and logging back in does correct the problem for future hands, but they always miss that one hand even with disconnect protection. And even if they sign in using another device during that same hand.

This continues under 7.01.

It has not happened to everyone (it has never happened to me).

Any ideas?
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Re: Player cards won't show

Post by Kent Briggs »

Are they seeing the backs of their cards or nothing at all? If they see the backs they likely clicked on their own avatar. Clicking it again will flip them back over. Clicking on the cards when they are face down doesn't do anything in version 7. The hand helper text will tell them "Click your avatar to turn cards over". Have them make a screenshot the next time it happens.
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