v7 - WSServerExecure error

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v7 - WSServerExecure error

Post by dad2boyz »

I'm getting the below error in the log every minute:

WSServerExecute error: Access violation at address 0070C28F in module 'PMService.exe'. Read of address 00000008

This error came first and only once:

WSServerExecute error: Out of memory

The server has 8GB of memory with 3.2GB used. I see the PMService.exe using 13,592K

Issue started upon opening and sitting for our first game. Games seems to be running okay. Several players have had what appears to be cache issues, not seeing cards or certain other screen information. One users sees some lag.
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Re: v7 - WSServerExecure error

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It's a known issue caused by reconnect attempts from dormant client connections. I've already got a fix ready to go but I've got one more debugging feature to add before I post that update.
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