Cash Game Buy In Option ~ "Match the Stack"

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Host Matt
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Cash Game Buy In Option ~ "Match the Stack"

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There is a perception, real or not, that in a cash game, a player with a stack much larger than average, or several multiples of the max buy-in, has an advantage over those that are limited to the max buy-in only. In my games, that often run 4 to 5 hours, it's not unusual for a player, or several players to accumulate stacks that are 5 or 6 times the max buy. Thusly, when a stacked player is re-buying, they often have the perception that they are at a disadvantage vs the big stacks, and many have wished for a "match the stack" option, where they would be allowed to buy in to an amount up to the largest stack on the table, even if it if several multiples of the current "max buy".

Thank you very much for your consideration

~host matt
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Re: Cash Game Buy In Option ~ "Match the Stack"

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This was also discussed here: ... f=9&t=3501

When I join a ring table with big stacks, I'm thinking about the opportunities for them to double me up. That's no disadvantage for me. If those players spent 4 or 5 hours building those stacks, why should I get an exemption to the max buy-in limit that those players did not get? There is no social justice / equity rule in poker.
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Re: Cash Game Buy In Option ~ "Match the Stack"

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That doesn't mean allowing it to happen is a bad idea, just something you choose not to do or a table you choose not to play at.

I'm also for this addition with the ability to cap it at a % of the Highest Stack either 100% or 80% or whatever the site operator wants to set it at.
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