Relatively Simple Games to Add

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Relatively Simple Games to Add

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I have about a million poker variants I'd like to see added to PM in a future version, but I realize that many of them (e.g., Dramaha) might be especially difficult to code.

However, some of the games I'd like to see, I imagine are easier to code based on what's already available. For example:

- Hold'em with 3+ hole cards (distinguished from Pineapple because you can play any/all hole cards at showdown)
- Omaha variants with 6 hole cards
- Double Board Omaha (4- and 5-card variants, high-high split) and Hold'em
- SOHE (Simultaneous Omaha and Hold'em; players dealt 6 hole cards, permanently split them into a 2-card Hold'em and a 4-card Omaha hand preflop, standard Hold'em board, best Hold'em hand splits with best Omaha hand)

Yeah, yeah, I play poker with maniacs. I'm happy to explain in more detail if any of the variants I've listed are not clear to anyone.

I believe that most of these games rely on very similar mechanics to those that exist already in PM, or slight modifications to them, but apologies if my layman's understanding of coding is amiss here.
Author of SOHE, Dramaha, and Live Straddle!
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