Request to have "Gender" an optional field

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Request to have "Gender" an optional field

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Hi Kent,

Request to make gender an optional field for account creation.

Thanks for considering.

- J
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Re: Request to have "Gender" an optional field

Post by CJPoker »

J -
We had the same issue!
We were doing a tourney for a charity that is all about LGBQT and non-traditional gender roles - and then there was that question during registration!

The good news is - you are able to go into the code - and "HIDE" the question!

The only other issue is that when you roll over the name of the person playing at the table - it will show their gender there - as it will default to male if nothing is selected. BUT - you can also HIDE showing those rollovers as well. You'll lose seeing other stats upon rollover - but until Kent is able to make it optional, it's at least a quick solution!

I can put you in touch with my code guy if you need more info. Just contact me at [email protected]
Kent Briggs
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Re: Request to have "Gender" an optional field

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No need to hide anything with code, just use the language feature and make it a different question with different selections: ... 88&p=13764
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