Poker Mavens 5.02 Released

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Poker Mavens 5.02 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Fri May 27, 2016 1:13 pm

Upgrade page:


Fixed negative stack bug in Stud/Razz tournaments when bring-in is greater than player's stack. This will kill a Stud or Razz tournament so the upgrade is urgent if you play either of those.

Straddle checkbox now shows asterisk when straddle posted. Now a quick glance will let you know if a straddle was posted in the current hand.

Blind settings are now decoupled from Bet settings in ring games. Limit games will now use the Small Bet setting to determine the blinds (Big Blind = Small Bet and Small Blind = Small Bet / 2). Only NL and PL games will use the separate Small Blind and Big Blind settings. This allows you to mix NL/PL games with Limit games and use smaller blinds for the NL/PL rounds (compared to the Limit rounds) to keep the average pot sizes more consistent. This is what PokerStars does with it's 8-game mix.

ERake/PRake/TFees fields now protected from account edits. Previously if you were editing a player's account settings in the server console while a player was logged in, it was possible to miss updates. That has now been fixed.

Fixed a Chrome bug that caused fuzzy text after resizing table. For some reason, Chrome (unlike every other browser) would not redraw the table text after it was resized. It would scale the text pixels digitally, making them look fuzzy. Now the client detects when the resize is complete and forces a redraw.

All-in players now show "All-in" instead of "0" on their name plate.

Updated API docs with missing ring/tourney parameters.
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