Player Activity Stats API

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Player Activity Stats API

Postby royala10 » Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:40 pm

I'm really in need of a way to know about user activities on demand. I need an easy way to find total hands a player was invloved in a given window, or total tournaments the player was attended in a timeframe. This feature is missing and is very necessary, especially when using permission tokens are considered. Let's say I want to allow players to register in a freeroll, only if they have played x number of ring-game hands within y hours ago.
For example an API request like Command=HandsPlayed&Player=John&From=startdatetime&To=enddatetime

I know that there is a tool to calculate played hands or tournaments but it is a windows app (no source code) and is not practical to use it as an automated way to populate a database constantly. There are few workarounds to avoid API development headache:
1- Make a command line version of the tool so we would put it in a automated windows job to keep it executing and updating the sqlite db.
2- Add a new feature of recurring job + timer to the tool, so we can keep it running (and will connect to sqlite through our code)
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Re: Player Activity Stats API

Postby Kent Briggs » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:55 am

The main problem with trying to put reporting functions directory into the program is that there are thousands of different stats that could be tracked and everyone would want something different. That said, one thing on my to-do list is to create some sort of hand history summary database, that could accept a custom SQL query via the API. In the mean time, your best option would be to monitor the Hand Event using the Callback Event feature. Pull out the info from each hand that you are interested in in real time and store it in your own database.
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