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Poker Mavens 4.41 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:22 pm

Upgrade page:


Added "Registration Period" to tournament settings. Now you can specify the number of minutes in the registration period prior to the start of a timed tournament. Previously if a tournament was online and visible in the tournament list, players could register for it no matter how far away the Start Time was set. So if you ran a recurring weekly tournament (for example) and didn't want anyone to register until the day of the tournament, now you can use this new feature and leave the tournament online for the whole week. When a tournament is in a pre-registration period, the client interface with show an "x" in the Reg column (x/100 instead of 0/100, for example). A Registration Period of 0 indicates an unlimited period.

Added "RegOpens" to the tournament timer callback event. This new event trigger is related to the new Registration Period feature. When the Tournament Timer event callback is enabled, it will fire when a tournament registration period begins. You may want to use this event to post messages in the lobby or table chat to let players know about it. Note the Number parameter for this callback will always be 0 for this particular trigger since the tournament has not yet been assigned a unique tournament number.

Added "*" wildcard feature to three API message commands: ConnectionsMessage, RingGamesMessage, and TournamentsMessage. Previously if you wanted to broadcast a message to all connections or all tables using the API, you had to retrieve the list and then run a loop, sending them out individually. Now you can do that with a single command by setting the Name (or SessionID) parameter to an asterisk.

Rake line now included in the hand history files even when rake is off. Since the Rake line also includes other potentially useful info (pot size and player contributions), it will now always appear regardless of the rake settings.

Reduced stack allocation to reduce thread memory load. This should, in theory, allow for more connections and lessen the likelihood of a crash during a heavy connection load. Please provide some feedback here if you notice any kind of performance increase because of this change.

Increased memory access for 32-bit editions running on Win-64. By default, 32-bit Delphi applications can only access 2GB of RAM regardless of how much memory you actually have. But I've now set a compiler directive that should double that capacity to 4 GB if running on a 64-bit version of Windows that has at least 4 GB of ram. This will not have any effect on the 64-bit Gold edition, however, since it already has access to as much memory as available.

Fixed royal flush bug in hand helper function. Previously if a player made a royal flush, the hand helper text in the client would just display "You have a" instead of "You have a Royal Flush".
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