Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

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Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby ssaarrkkaarr » Sun May 31, 2015 6:36 pm

Ok, so I read a huge list of features mentioned by pmavmaker and get in a full fledged Gold version setup contract with him.

- I send him 30% advance
- He sends me basic website design and PM gold license details. The advance I paid him was way above the value of both of these.(So far fair enough).
- I send him next 30%
- He disappears for around 2 weeks without informing - reason being - his brother died
- He gets back for 4 days after repeated emails n messages on skype - starts working
- Disappears again for around 1 week, again without informing - reason - his father was hospitalised
- Gets back works for 4 days - Comes up with new quotes and asking extra money claiming work being out of scope.
- Disappears third time for 5 days, again without informing - reason - He met with an accident and broke his head n was hospitalised
- Sent him a zillion messages with no reply. After 5 days he replied while I was away (I had changed the server password by then and revoked his access to my domains account)
- As, he did not get any reply from me as I was out for a movie, he started sending me threating messages that he would "DESTROY" the site, which he did

Quality of work he did - Spelling mistakes, Horrible designing, I don't have technical skills, but the developer I showed the code to recommended that I get it done again as his coding is of a fresher.

He blablaed after that seeking to complete the contract but shooed him away. Lost money.. lesson learnt. Just spreading the word so that none else lose their money n time over him.

He goes by the name of John bob on Skype
Below is the transcript of chat with him:
[23/04/15 7:03:24 am] Me: John,
[23/04/15 7:05:32 am] Me: Its been a week that i gave you the list and I do not see any progress or update in it
[23/04/15 7:05:34 am] Me: whats happening?
[23/04/15 7:05:57 am] Me: in the end you will just do patch work which won’t be acceptable to me
[23/04/15 7:06:11 am] Me: and we will keep arguing over it
[23/04/15 7:07:08 am] Me: I will wait for your message till today afternoon for you to update me with every item on the excel I provided u
[23/04/15 7:27:55 am] Me: The payment gateway ids are up
[23/04/15 7:28:21 am] Me: they are valid for 15 days only
[23/04/15 7:28:35 am] Me: I have sent them to u 3 days back
[23/04/15 7:29:05 am] Me: there could be unforeseen issues in setting them up…if u don’t start working on it immediatley
[23/04/15 7:29:24 am] Me: if the time runs out, it will be problem for me
[23/04/15 7:32:25 am] Me: and John, what kind of monthly support do I expect from you when you do not reply to my messages for 2 days in a row
[23/04/15 10:11:52 am] Me: John, sms functionality is not working now
[23/04/15 10:12:07 am] Me: I am facing severe pressure from my people here
[23/04/15 10:12:22 am] Me: I will have to take some action on this today
[25/04/15 5:06:03 pm] john bob: hi
[25/04/15 5:06:05 pm] john bob: there ?
[25/04/15 5:06:56 pm] john bob: ?
[25/04/15 5:07:27 pm] john bob: if there plz answer
[25/04/15 5:10:11 pm] john bob: ok , bro , I had an accident 3 nights ago with a car , and my leg broke and my head damaged some little , Im in hospital until tonight and tmorrow I will release , now im with my dad phone , tomorrow I will msg u there
[25/04/15 5:10:59 pm] john bob: sorry about this delay , hospital don't permit me to have phone in this place
[25/04/15 5:11:04 pm] john bob: see u
[25/04/15 5:11:06 pm] john bob: for now
[26/04/15 9:16:49 pm] john bob: Hi
[26/04/15 9:17:06 pm] john bob: There?
[26/04/15 9:30:57 pm] john bob: Not?
[26/04/15 9:34:15 pm] john bob: I have not access to server
[26/04/15 9:34:24 pm] john bob: Do u changed pass?
[26/04/15 9:35:54 pm] john bob: Ok, nop, i recovered that
[26/04/15 9:35:57 pm] john bob: Its ok now
[26/04/15 9:53:08 pm] john bob: Its not work
[26/04/15 9:53:20 pm] john bob: There or no?
[26/04/15 9:58:30 pm] john bob: R u revenging?
[26/04/15 9:59:04 pm] john bob: :)
[26/04/15 10:03:22 pm] john bob: I said i was in hospital and now this? :)
[26/04/15 10:04:34 pm] john bob: Ok i wait 1h and then do somethings :)
[26/04/15 10:04:42 pm] john bob: If no answer :)
[26/04/15 10:04:47 pm] john bob: For now
[26/04/15 10:20:41 pm] john bob: I was ready more updates updates
[26/04/15 10:21:09 pm] john bob: so if u r revenging then ur work is too bad !
[26/04/15 10:21:17 pm] john bob: I have 1week time

[26/04/15 10:24:50 pm] john bob: ok , so I think u r really revenging :)
[26/04/15 10:25:23 pm] john bob: I wait for 40 min bro
[26/04/15 10:33:09 pm] john bob: i have down ur website now ! if don't send password and reback ro our contract i will DESTROY many other things
[26/04/15 10:33:19 pm] john bob: u have just 15min dear
[26/04/15 10:44:06 pm] john bob: 5min :)
[26/04/15 10:52:58 pm] john bob: ok ,
[26/04/15 10:53:10 pm] john bob: our contract closed now dear
[26/04/15 10:53:14 pm] john bob: bye
[26/04/15 11:24:24 pm] Me: Sure John….so u go absconding for a week and that ok….and I was out for a movie n u don’t get a reply…n u start blackmailing me
[26/04/15 11:24:30 pm] Me: do what u want
[26/04/15 11:25:07 pm] Me: I am ready to lose that money that I paid you and start fresh instead of going ahead with a blackmailer n cheat
[26/04/15 11:25:31 pm] Me: I’ll make sure I post this exact conversation of yours on mavens forum
[26/04/15 11:26:14 pm] john bob: u can do anything, i have our conversion about 15days
[26/04/15 11:26:20 pm] Me: sure
[26/04/15 11:26:31 pm] john bob: and i have 1 week yet , but u closed everythings
[26/04/15 11:26:59 pm] Me: N HOW DARE YOU PULL THE SITE DOWN
[26/04/15 11:27:18 pm] Me: r u a road side cheat to act so cheap?
[26/04/15 11:27:34 pm] john bob: no , that's u !
[26/04/15 11:27:37 pm] john bob: not me !
[26/04/15 11:27:44 pm] Me: fine, so be it
[26/04/15 11:28:00 pm] john bob: u changed everythings and don't ask me from last day
[26/04/15 11:28:40 pm] Me: I fucking have been messaging you for over a week n u dint reply
[26/04/15 11:28:52 pm] john bob: so what u want from me ? u my srouce, so i cant close website !
[26/04/15 11:28:56 pm] john bob: i can **
[26/04/15 11:29:30 pm] john bob: and don't answer from last day
[26/04/15 11:29:38 pm] Me: were u fucking available for conversation
[26/04/15 11:29:41 pm] john bob: so give me right to think about that !
[26/04/15 11:29:50 pm] Me: suit yourself
[26/04/15 11:29:55 pm] john bob: i told u where i was
[26/04/15 11:31:37 pm] Me: Sure John, I have to believe if you say that ur brother died, I have to believe if u say ur dad is hospitalised, I have to believe that you meet with an accident….n one hour I don’t reply and u fucking start threatening me
[26/04/15 11:33:02 pm] john bob: i send many iages about them
[26/04/15 11:33:08 pm] john bob: and i had many proofs
[26/04/15 11:33:09 pm] john bob: but
[26/04/15 11:33:33 pm] john bob: i sent some msgs yesterday to u
[26/04/15 11:33:39 pm] Me: John, good or bad work keeps happening, n with my 2k $, you won’t build a castle….but reputation takes a long way….goahead n be what you are….
[26/04/15 11:33:44 pm] john bob: so , u was busy from yesterday until now ?
[26/04/15 11:36:32 pm] Me: John, its weekend and I was awayy, I did see ur msg later n u said u ll message tomorrow…..u did not ask for any reply on ur message…n today when u messaged me, I was not around…..n u go about pulling the website down…do what u want dude….I will get it done on a new server …or will go with some other solution instead of mavens….the basic thing is trust..I cannot work with someone who can get evil with intentions.
[26/04/15 11:37:28 pm] john bob: yes , all things is about trust ,
[26/04/15 11:37:38 pm] Me: I lose my money, you lose your reputation,,,we are even
[26/04/15 11:37:51 pm] john bob: but , i saw an email about godaddy and u removed my access to domain
[26/04/15 11:38:29 pm] john bob: and some pages gone from my source is ur website that was important things and when i crawler the site don't saw them
[26/04/15 11:39:02 pm] Me: when u don’t reply for a week….u expect me to leave the access granted?
[26/04/15 11:39:02 pm] john bob: and i sent msg , u don't any replay even one "OK" , and tonight sent many msgs
[26/04/15 11:39:07 pm] john bob: but not any replay again
[26/04/15 11:39:13 pm] john bob: so what u think about trust ?!
[26/04/15 11:39:23 pm] Me: keep it up John
[26/04/15 11:39:40 pm] Me: keep justifying and do what ever u feel like destroying
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Re: Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby BookieBuddy » Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:11 am

tough spot. I know the feeling.
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Re: Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby pmavmaker » Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:35 pm

Hi Every Body ,
Yes this is chat between me and Dhiraj-Merani ,
I accpeted his project and he send me $2000 ,
we had maaaany conversations and he was adding more options EVERY DAY , EVERY DAY i have new option from that
that was not in our contract and he add many things every day ,
for ex a ido more than 2 payments for him , but in our contract i accpet just BITCOIN ,
but he was adding many options every time ,
i told him please give me 1 list for all options for last time , and he do it ,
but after 2 days again i see he is adding more options ,
when i wanted him money he dont answer me for some days and disappear ,but when he wanted some options i see he is appear and message me to add more options
but again when i want money from him again he was disappear for some days and just answered me that when he want somethings for his website

for CSS and styling he killed me and every day he changes some things , but in my contract this was not , i accept just 1 style
he told me to work with some guys from him for CSS , but really they were toooo Beginner and dont know any about Programming ,
they destroyed many things , and so i had to fix they stuffs ,


at the end i set a DEADLINE for both of us ,
i said give me a todo list for all of that u want and then i do all in 15 days
after this 15 days any side have delay (for programming from me , and send money from him ) , for every day give $50 for damage ,
and he accept ,
so i dont answer him , i wanted to focus on my project ,

after 3 days i needed to some updates and upload , so then i see he CHANGED SERVER PASSWORD without saying anything to me
i send him messages , he dont answer ,
i saw he is online and see my message but dont answer ,
next day i send him again message , but again dont answer

and then i down his website , then after 30 min he send me message :| :| :|
so i canceled the contract because he wanted this , but i give him a good website you can see ( )
that have many options and features , but i just give 50% of my contract ,

i can down his website now , but i dont that , because im not a bad guy ,
im just a developer and want to work , but in rules no out of that , im not his workman !

with this all , i send him a message after 1 week for back again and do my work , because i cant see my project is not complete
and every day i see his guys are destroying website style, you can see it in some place of site
but he dont answer me ,

SO DEAR MERANI , You do not have the right to complain
because i was back but u dont ,
and this things are for more than 1 month ago , so why u are telling this things NOW ?!!

Really any developer want to be a DEADMAN , so i offer him to work with this guys

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Re: Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby social » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:14 am

This guy gave you a 30% deposit of $2,000....which was crazy to begin with.
Nothing you are doing for him is worth $6,000, and he should have used an Escrow service for an amount that big.

But, in any case, you already got your deposit, you should not have needed to ask for more money.
Yeah, we know all about customers who are always changing the requests and adding on more things...
that is annoying.

what about developers who are always coming up with excuses and accidents and claim to be part of a company ---
but then why does your father having an accident have to stop work if you have a whole company?

There is no way that you have done $6,000 worth of work or even $2,000...your site is nice, but it is not worth $6,000.

For one thing, you have been offering to sell sites for $500 on this you do not have to code everything from the beginning.

You are the one who caused the problems first by disappearing.
Both you and the client made mistakes.

I was interested in working with you last year.
After I have seen how you talk in Messages, No thank you.
There is nothing you can say that will justify how rude and unprofessional you were.
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Re: Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby pmavmaker » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:56 am

Dear social ,
You dont know many things
1- our contract was not $6000 , that was $4000 ($2700 for website admin panel, some payment gateway like Visa/Master/Bitcoin and ... Gateways ) and $1300 for other options that he know it !

2- i dont receive $2000 at first , he wanted to pay in 3 times , 30% , 30% , 40%
at first time he send me $1000 but i received $945 , $55 rate from his exchanger was on me , rate is not from me but he dont paid $55 , and i had to accept
and about for other payment , that was for second payment that he accepted but he had many delays nad 3th payment not recevied

3- i dont stop ALL THINGS when my father was in hospital , i send him live image when i was in hospital with my father , i cant leave my father and do work on project ,
but i dont stop , stop time was just for 2 days ! but for first payment and second payment he had more than 2 weeks delay !

4- about first payment value or other every body have his rules , you can start with $1.00 but i start with 30% , this is a deal
but this guy was contacting me for more than 4-5 months and every time he takes my time for more than 2-3 h and then he said ok but he will disappear and next month he will come back again and takes my time , but i dont say anything and just support him

5- his guys killed me for their subversion in my sources and i had to fix them again and again , that was not on my Responsibility, but i do that many times

6- my website and my features is good and full , that can be start now , its complete and for $2000 ( actually i received $1500 for it because he have some features except website source ) and for $1500 really that is a good project !

7- about my Politeness , i told many times , my english is not good bcz im not english , so maybe you wrong about this ,
in every my post you see ( Kind Regards ) at end of my post , anyway you can adjudication about this that u want

8- at end there is many many many things that u and others dont know about them too , but at end , if you think he is right , you can work for him , then you understand me
this is better way to know and understand me ,

Thank you dear Social for your notics,
Kind regards
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Re: Review of freelancer / Scammer pmavmaker

Postby umturam » Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:12 am

Hi pmavmaker,

Can you provide your contact details on [email protected].

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