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some ideas for future versions

Postby Manfred » Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:46 am

Good Morning Kent

would be possible to place on the server an option in tournaments online deixalos however not appear in the tournament lobby? explain the reason for this interest, I use a web site with api commands so that the player has access to your information, balance, everything that can provide information by api for my players, and I would like to create a series of tournaments that stay online registry disposition for the players, but I wanted them to appear only on the day of the tournament, but for api and a calendar on my web site the tournament already be available for inscription, as well as the lobby allows only show 12 tournaments without using the scroll bar would be easier access to my player, I believe that as a function appear or not in the lobby even with the online tournament would be interesting.

as the question of the addon have your different price of the rebuy, the reason would be because the addon usually be the minino 2x the rebuy, have some tournaments to let the pot more attractive to players can announce the addon with an even greater amount of chips and charge a little more for it, thus generating more pot award is leaving the tournament even more attractive ..

I would also wonder what the prediction time for updating where it will be possible to edit the lobby, given that this function is very important for me, thanks for your attention, Manfred
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