Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

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Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

Postby Danielle » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:55 pm

I there back from a long time bc of some rl problems (Ex wife) lol
well i am working on some new scripts and updated some themes & Old scripts.

Even i update the flash casino that work on the poker mavens server api to work with php 5.4 and below.
The Poker Client is in running again and can be ordered on my new webshop site.
before i never needed a webshop but of the many requests on my email i put a webshop online.
This week i will add another new themes templates full perm and scripts.
For questions send me a email thats on my webshop website.
-> Themes, Scripts, Flash Casino that works with poker mavens server api and many more!
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Re: Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

Postby social » Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:25 pm

Buyers Beware:
Research this forum for previous posts whenever you want to buy something from anybody.

This vendor has previous complaints from several members of this forum.
I used his website to pay him hundreds of dollars for scripts that did not work, were not in English, games which were in obsolete versions of Php, and seemed to have been pirated (casino games).

He never produced any proof that he had the rights to sell those casino games (which were copies of a Big Well-known Company's games).

Nobody can afford to be sued for copyright infringement.

He refused to give even a partial refund, and PayPal will not support you in any claims and complaints because the purchase involves digital products.

Protect yourself in all dealings with online vendors.
I made the mistake of giving him all of my money up front...and he just laughed at me.
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Re: Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

Postby Danielle » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:51 am

Not true the script works perfect and several clients have use it and play with it in there own website.
All of my flash reels are created by me bc i have the .fla files from it and can edit like i want to ;) thats why i have created several flasl slots 5 reels for clients from and flash mini games!

So i dont know what u try to do here but looks like you want something u cant have.

My shop is safe, and my scripts working fine just like you can see on the website where all the slots are working 100%
and btw ? next time you will say i pirate the themes to ? LOL

Have a nice day sir ;)
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Re: Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

Postby social » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:17 pm

Anybody who wants to buy something from this vendor should do a search on his name "Danielle" and read some of the past complaints (from other people besides me), which include:

He sold slot games which used images of Professional Poker Players fro which he did not own the copyright.
He admitted that he did that in this forum - and stated that he would change the pictures.
So, keep in mind that he has a proven history of selling copyrighted materials illegally.

He sold games published by - which he did not own - and which were originally Pirated anyways.
He sold games which worked only with obsolete versions of php.
He sold scripts which did not include all the necessary code.
He sold scripts which were coded in Dutch or some other language - which would be very difficult for any non-Dutch coder that you hired to decipher.
He sold scripts which - when you opened the "Readme" file - contained the statement that NO SUPPORT would be provided.

After complaints were posted about him, his "store" and website disappeared from the internet, and he disappeared from this forum.

Now, he is back - and blaming his "wife" for his absence - whose Paypal account he used to use.

Members of this site should use caution in buying anything from anybody who conducts business in this manner.

Note to Kent: I have said all that I needed to say, and I understand that this forum is supposed to be limited to Posts which are relevant to Poker Mavens software - not Casino and Slot games.
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Re: Themes, Scripts, Casino for Poker Mavens!

Postby Kent Briggs » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:51 pm

Everyone should be aware that no one making offers in this forum has been vetted by me and anyone can create an anonymous account here. Don't trust anyone that doesn't provide their full real name and a list of verifiable references. You may want to consider a work-for-hire escrow service that holds your money until the work is delivered to your satisfaction. I list several popular ones in item 11 of the FAQ:
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