Poker Mavens 7.13 Released

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Poker Mavens 7.13 Released

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Upgrade page:

*** Remember to shut down the server completely and close the service manager before running the patch ***

*** Reminder: previous version owners v1 to v6 can still upgrade to v7 at a 50% discount. Contact me via email for details ***


Changed "Player chop" to "Player chop max" in tournament settings. Gold owners now have the option to start the ICM Chop option when the specified number of players (2 to 10) are remaining. Previously it would start as soon as the final table was formed. The default option is 0 which disables the feature so if you had "Player chop" set to Yes you will need to manually edit your tournament settings and enter a number in the new setting. Set it equal to the table size to keep the same behavior as before. You can set a number smaller than that but not larger.

Added option to save column sizes in admin console. After adjusting column widths with your mouse on the Accounts, Ring Games, or Tournaments tab, click the Config button in the lower right corner of the grid and click the OK button. The next time you login, it will remember that configuration.

Fixed TournamentsWaiting bug in API. Previously it was sending back spurious data attached to the player names.

Databases now checked for corruption at startup. Previously a corrupt database file could prevent the poker service from starting without recording anything in the Error Log. Now the Error Log will show the error.
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Re: Poker Mavens 7.13 Released

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Great news on the ICM chop controls, thanks!
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