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Bonus Prize Pools

Postby The MPC » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:29 pm

I would like to see a new field added immediately after Buy-In, then Entry Fee, then "Bonus Pool".

This is reserved for money that is collected for an alternative Prize Pool. It is not paid out in the current tournament and is not part of the entry fee.

For instance, I currently run a Daily Double Tournament. This is actually two separate tournaments. Currently, each Buy-in is $10 and each Entry Fee is $2. $1 from each Entry Fee is placed into a Bonus Pool. If a player wins both Daily Double A and Daily Double B, they win the Bonus Pool. If they cash both Daily Double A and Daily Double B , then they win 30% of the Bonus Pool. If multiple players double cash, but no one double wins, then they split 30% of the Bonus Pool. Any money remaining in the Bonus Pool is carried over to the next Daily Double Tournament.

The $2 Entry Fee should actually be a $1 Entry Fee and a $1 Bonus Pool. Being able to differentiate these two numbers would be hugely beneficial as one is profit and one is a holding account.

I'm dealing with the software to run this tournament, but I would like to run a year long WSOP Main Event Satellite series.

The Daily Tournament would have a Buy-in of $15, a Bonus Pool of $10, and an Entry Fee of $2.50. The $15 would go to the Daily prize pool and the $2.50 is the profit, but I need to be able to differentiate the $10 that will go towards buying the Main Event seats at the end of the series.

If there was the added benefit of being able to "name" each Bonus Pool, that would be a nice extra which would enable me to track multiple Bonus Pools at one time. I can figure these out manually if needed, but being able to have them differentiated would be nice too.

Is this doable in your next update and if so, I'd like to plan my rollout of that tournament to coordinate with that update. Do yo have an idea of when that would be? Thanks!!!

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Re: Bonus Prize Pools

Postby Kent Briggs » Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:14 pm

What you described above is very specific to your site and thus is not likely to be implemented, especially since you can just keep a side database and track those funds on your own.
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