Set & List Custom Data Fields for Tournaments & Ring Games

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Set & List Custom Data Fields for Tournaments & Ring Games

Postby ddd » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:50 am

We have some special conditions for our tournaments (such as "be a member for X days to register") that we'd like for users to be able to see and sort by in the Tournaments list.

A nice feature would be the ability to set custom fields when creating a game using the API or "New Tournament" window in the admin GUI, and then having the ability to show these fields in the games table.

For example:
Configured Fields
Code: Select all
Array [
Tournament ID : My Tournament
Game : NL Holdem
... (all required values) ...
Custom : Array [
        Required Country : GB
        Required Team : Blue
        Organizer : Parliament

Displayed Fields to User (Sortable):
Code: Select all
Show fields:
Tournament ID
Required Country
Required Team

In this case, no buy-ins are shown to the user (good for sites that only do complete freerolls, as the field is redundant), and custom fields allow users to see and sort by relevant custom data (such as the specific conditions that grant a user a certain permission token).
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