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JavaScript events to be emitted on some actions

PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:38 pm
by mantux5
It would awesome to have JavaScript events being emitted, so I and other developers could benefit from that by making something to happen after something happens.

Some of the example events, but this shouldn't be limited only to this:
- Poker fully loads (Loads and connects)
- Player gets kicked / disconnected
- Player opens up a table (With a table name as a parameter?)
- Player clicks on a table in the list (But does not open it)

I imagine using such events in making the website visuals better. Also, displaying some useful information about the table, without user having to click many different buttons.

Also, some extra feature request - being able to manipulate the user's client. By that I mean, being able to open up a table window on their client and being able to sit them at that table.

If these features are planned in Poker Mavens 5, so let it be, I can wait for that, but please add at least the Loading event in the next update.

Thank you!