Pot-based bet slider

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Pot-based bet slider

Postby Raventhon » Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:00 pm

I'm aware that this may be annoying, difficult, or impossible. It'd just be pretty awesome.

Currently the bet slider is one of the least useful ways to attempt to make a bet, as the scaling is '1bb => entire stack' in smooth 1bb increments. As most pot sizes tend towards the small relative to stacks, this leaves the bet slider fairly useless in most situations. I submit that the solution is a pot-based bet slider. Instead of directly mapping 'one click = 1bb', a smooth click/drag on the bar that would be |0----|halfpot----------|fullpot-----|allin allows for a much more useful bet slider, as it'd actually be possible to use the slider to make many of your bets as instead of having ~2-3% of the bar be in the range of 'bets a normal person would probably like to make' it'd use ~75% of the bar in the 0-full pot range. Similar, I suppose, to the PLO slider, just with an extra 20% on the end that runs from full pot to all-in. I argue that this would be a substantial increase in functionality.
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