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CAP NL Hold'em

Postby BBB » Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:42 pm

I'm looking for support to add the option of CAPPED pots of a chosen amount, the succesfully used amount on full tilt poker is 30BB CAP bet. For example if the blidns were $500/$1k the maximum any player could contribute in the pot would be $30k. You may think that's silly as you'll be making less rake. However, this would be a much faster paced game with more consistantley higher pots, also giving you an excuse to make the capped limit slightly higher if necesary.

This could also be used as a "dice" feature, now I know Kent doesn't feel passionate about "craps shots" within his poker system, but if some users like myself have been limited with alternate software in attempt to be safely used as a casino/dice section this could be great for you.

You can see here a professional poker pro sitting at the highest possible stakes on Full Tilt Poker of this game variation:

You can see the filter here used with the option of only displaying CAPPED games in Full Tilt Poker:

Isildur1 one of the modern day's most popular poker players is often seen at these tables generating a lot of media attention as you can recently see his endevours expressed by the website which is highly popular:

I emailed Kent suggesting this and he expressed that if it got support on here forums it would be more of a motive for him to add something like this, so please support! ;)
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