Time chips instead of Clock

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Time chips instead of Clock

Post by setspike »

HI Kent,

Feature request:

Instead of "Request More Time", would love the option for time chips.

For tournaments: fixed number of time chips
For cash games: ability for admin to control how many time chips are available as well add more time chips to a running game

Thanks for considering.

- J
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Re: Time chips instead of Clock

Post by michaelmlevin »

I second this one. We set the available extra time to a minute and reset it after ten hands. Then a player on a lousy internet connection goes down and we lose an entire minute for nothing, over and over. If we had time chips for the extra time and used the existing extra time feature JUST for disconnect protection, we could set up something like 1 minute resetting every 40 hands. If a player is on a bad connection and goes down, they're timed out quickly after one courtesy minute wait. And players could use time chips, of which they would get a finite amount, for extra time. Kind of works to speed things up all around.
Kent Briggs
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Re: Time chips instead of Clock

Post by Kent Briggs »

Moving disconnect protection into a separate time bank would essentially be the same thing. I actually looked at that once but it would have required a significant code change so I shelved it for the time being. I'll revisit it in v7.
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