Accessing server remotely

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Accessing server remotely

Postby Raab » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:52 am

Is there a way to access the serverside/configuration stuff remotely other than a VNC connection?
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Re: Accessing server remotely

Postby Kent Briggs » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:21 am

Raab wrote:Is there a way to access the serverside/configuration stuff remotely other than a VNC connection?

The preferred way is to use the Remote Desktop Connection, which works like VNC. The RDC program is included with all versions of Windows under Start | All Programs | Accessories | Communications. Enter your remote server's IP address (or domain name) to connect. You will be prompted for a user ID (Administrator) and the corresponding password. Once logged in, the interface will appear as a normal Windows desktop. In the Options section of RDC, check the Drives box under Local Resources so that the copy of Windows Explorer on the remote server can see the disk drives of your local PC. Then you can simply copy and paste files between the two computers.

Once you are up and running, most maintenance can be performed via the remote admin function built into Poker Mavens, which you access via any web browser. There are three settings on the System tab that affect remote admin access:

Allow remote administration - Use this feature to manage your poker server from the web browser of any remote computer connected to the Internet. Simply append "/admin" to the end of your Internet URL (or Local URL if inside your own network) and enter the administrator password. For example, if your IP is and your File port is 8087 then point your web browser to "" to connect to your server. You will be presented with a web interface that contains most of the functions that are available in the local Windows server module.

Administration password - You must enter a password here to use the remote administration feature.

Administration whitelist - Specify a list of IP addresses (one per line) that can access the remote administration interface. This is a security feature than can prevent unauthorized access to your game server even if the administration password becomes compromised. Leave this setting blank to allow access from any IP address.
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