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Re: Router Setup Help Needed

Postby Kent Briggs » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:15 pm

duffman471 wrote:This is a home account that goes with my TV and phone with Verizon Fios. Last year with the help of an IT Admin (and it took him a bit to figure it out) we definitely had it working. Nothing has changed on my account since so unless Verizon has instituted new blocking techniques to force people to upgrade to their business account, it should work

You might look for a Verizon FIOS support forum and ask around there. Someone is bound to have an idea of what could be blocking. As you said, if it worked before it should work again.

P.S. Assuming this can't be done, what would you recommend is the most cost effective way to get a server setup so I can start running games again? Your software was definitely worth the C note but I'd rather not be spending a fortune every year just to run it. I just have a small group of friends playin for fun

The cheapest Windows VPS system I've found is at where I have my demo site located ( I pay $29/month for it.
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