Sell Best Application for PMavens Ios/Android/windows/Mac

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Sell Best Application for PMavens Ios/Android/windows/Mac

Postby CmpDesign » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:58 am

We programmed a Application for mavens
Like the best apps in the world!

With the highest features like:

User features :

*Login and register with phone number

*Filter Tables with Type/Number Seats/ and Full or Empty

*register and Info Tournament (Without in mavens)

*Level Up System

*Bounes System

*Deposit and Withdraw (Your Request /Perfect money / bitcoin )

*Support system (Ticket)

*Invite system (User Code invite) and get Commision (change % in admin )

*Gift Code (in Balance or Bounes)

*Automatic Rakeback !! Live

*And For First in mavens Tournament Knock Outs !!!!! :o
And ....

Admin features :

*Add Admin and set access to menu

*Group users and setting group !(Change % Rakeback and Invite / Active or Deactive Deposit and withdraw all or each ! / Active Invite / Deactive all user in group and ... )

*Manage Perfect Money Account and set each group

*Manage users and setting all features for user and get all statistics

* Search with ip

*Black List with ip and phone number or users

*Config all application (Popup message in app / Help message / Update app ! / Filter tables / And get backup ... )

*Deposit and Withdraw statistics (filter with user and date and .... )

*Config Prize for level up

*Accounting System (All Rake / Rake - Rakeback / All deposit and withdraw / Filter Date / Inviter Profit and ... )

*Gift Code setting (balance or bounes / Expire with Date and Uses )

*Manage Push notification

*Manage Tournament and set KnockOut Tournament !!!

And ....

Amazing features !!!

if you have question and for get image please contact email : [email protected]
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