HELP not getting reply from IPOKERBOT

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HELP not getting reply from IPOKERBOT

Postby attcebu » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:35 pm

anyone here knows developer of ipokerbot? any contacts? skype? names?
i've paid for his software 12 hours ago and he was prompt to reply antil payment.

please help!! or give me information at skype: aqk8888
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Re: HELP not getting reply from IPOKERBOT/ little rant also

Postby ftpjesus » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:23 am

Im beginning to wonder if Ipokerbot has decided to leave the business.. I sent an email and also posted a question on their FB forum without an answer.. The last update on FB was in May when they patched the bot to 5.22 apparently.. While based on the fact Ricky Jones isn't having or seeing major issues with his mavensdev software I cant imagine patching Ipokerbot would be an issue to run on PokerMavens V6.++ I planned to use both MavensDev and Ipokerbot because Rickys V2 make launching a bunch of bots quickly and programming quick (although admittedly I told Ricky I believe the new programming profile choices are almost too simplified and limit the the bots ability to do much more then ABC poker based on presumed percentages But it also allows me to implement bots on more then one server if I choose if Im running the Bots off site compared to the server.. IPB has a much deeper profile option (similar to Botting software put out under the Shanky crew using a lot of PPL and allows the IPB bots to actually do more thinking and potentially a smarter bot.. (I was thinking of using it primarily as a potential Headsup Bot or even as a training option as the IPB bots can actually bluff and reattack based on players actions and number of players/bots at the table.. Again I agree with Kent in general that bots can easily be misused by site owners (much like the old Super hero move cliché just because you have the power to do something doesn't mean you should and that by having that power you can use for good or evil purposes and the ongoing issues with such US facing sites and Grey markets with OpenHoldem platform and Shanky putting out bots people can use to actually flat play for them online with players assuming they are playing real people isn't ideal.. (If a site had what I would refer to as cyberbattle poker tables where everybody is openly using a bot and programming it themselves or tweeking and the bots battle it out straight up Id be ok with that..

Again it call comes down to transparency in usage be it players against other players or Sites using their own internal bots to play against their users in some insidious way to cheat them (For those who don't know there was serious accusations and some evidence that not only did UB and AP have Superuser issues with upper management and ownership but potentially had in house bots playing against players and the bots actually had some tie in information to the sites RNG making it nearly impossible for players to have a fair shot.. and there are rumblings similar things at least with bots in house maybe playing on ACR..

Side note regarding the OpenHoldem software (its open source as you would think) but recent updates with profiles programmed for it have allowed data integration from PT4 meaning if a player is truly unethical they can load a bot onto a computer they use with a huge PT4 database (of which wasn't even built by playing but buying massive hand histories from places like HHSmithy which sell PT4 data the site has farmed over the internet..) This to me is where the botters have crossed the line from using it to grind micro stakes to get rakeback to a program that can adjust based on whos at the tables and their playing history like a human would and unlike a human the bot lacks emotions thus wont tilt on a "bad beat".. Truly scary and making it harder and harder for honest people to play a fair game anymore online.. Hell one programmer I knew was actually working on something even more extensive that would've worked on Deep Learning and Neural networks essentially creating a Bot that functioned much like the Carnegie Mellon Pokerbot that first time out gave a lot of big names with millions online in winnings as well as live a run for their money.. The second iteration totally torched the real poker players. Given the infamous history of many poker players (lets be honest many poker players aren't the most upstanding from an ethical standpoint and has been that way throughout history of cheating and lying etc) I fear either sites are going to have to get damn good at catching players cheating (and there is no other way to view these next generation poker bots being sold) it could destroy the whole online poker economy.. Sad thing is so many sites claim bots are T&C violations and yet do little to nothing to fix it or address the issues Especially places like ACR.. To them they take the monkey see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (Doug Polk exposed them for their actions and lack there of).. Seems only really Pokerstars has done a decent attempt to stop them (apparently the bot creators have found a way to try and keep the bots running stealthy utilizing a 2 PC system nad passing information between them) which is sad but not surprising. Maybe things will change finally if we get to the point of having viable true real money online poker other then just 4 states (and only 2 share players).. I believe we will see it eventually but itll take the big dominoes to fall like NY, FL, California making liquidity and much larger online player pools getting and keeping games and tournaments going..

Sorry if I rambled and annoyed anybody I got started on one thing and went off on the semi related tangent but I felt it was relevant enough to say it.. Sad thing is Poker Mavens would work as a low end no frills real money poker room without an issue if online live poker becomes viable (and ability to link multiple servers to get by the hardware limitiations and such).. Truly PM sticks to the great motto K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid but truth is an owner can verify the RNG and openly post on their website the results of the testing so it doesn't keep people thinking the RNG is rigged which is a common discussion on poker forums (nevermind people play soo many more hands online compared to the pace of live play they will naturally see more occurances of bad beats but usually no more then the statistical norm wthin Standard Deviation.. Back to my viability statement.. PM would be fine for a company whos going legit to run an online room allowing people to deposit cash and or make withdrawals through say a local location cage (Which is how WSOP handles cash deposit and withdrawals for people in Vegas). The only holdup to me is greedy governmental regulators charging millions for a license making it cost prohibitive except for large entities.. I understand high costs licensing say an online casino (like what NJ has) but a standard full background checks on principals and validation the software isn't rigged is much less in depth then say an online casino which a provider can tweek things on the fly to sudden cut video slots payout from top end vs payout rates that look like some rinky dink indian casino playing fast and loose (been some accusations of the real slots here in AZ being hinky at times with payout swings that indicate aren't within acceptable standard Deviation.. (IE they claim to be paying out 90-95% return and in fact are paying out 75-80% and getting away with it since the regulators see more money for the state from the indian casino due to increase in 'revenue'.. To me licensure for poker rooms should be totally different tiered as compliance wise the only real monitoring is to ensure the provider isn't cheating players with SuperUsers, Rigged RNG leading to friends of the management making kilings on line.. But Ive always felt that shady practices will eventually hit a sit in the rear because if people think a site is shady it will cut traffic and thus cut into the Rake Revenue. Cutting into rake is what will hurt a site because that's how they make money off the games they run. Hence with the new cool things Kent has included allowing custom tables across the site for regular cash games, Tournaments and Final Tables more gaming options and the ability to make some cool things like seasonal themes for the card decks (BTW that would be an interesting thought allowing sites to even run different decks based on tourney or cash etc.. Shouldn't be hard as it should only require a line in the room configuration to pick the deck that's used (don't even need to change the whole deck png files really just change card 53 which is the back of the deck..) Ok enough rambling been awake all night due to back issues and meds helping some and creating other issues along the way..
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