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Postby lildamien09 » Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:00 am

but from internet still nobody can connect to my external IP address.
found Dyndns ip updater, it does not help
only can go to the local ip adress.

you want to make sure your users are typing in your dyndns created domain name with the port added to it (i.e http://poker.mydomain.com:8087 ).. also if you are behind a router, you want to make sure you ports are open in the router..you would do this by logging into your router by going to which is usually in your browser and then click on the section that allows you to open ports..on mine it is called virtual servers in my routers config.. in there you want to type your Poker Maven ports and make sure it is set to your local router assigned ip for the computer running it ( i.e ).. Also make sure that in the Poker Mavens Server Settings you have the ip address set to your external IP.. clicking lookup should set it field correctly.. If you need further help feel free to private message me with your questions and i will get back to you asap..im usually on 24 hrs a day...
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