Poker Mavens 2.05 Released

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Poker Mavens 2.05 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:03 pm

Poker Mavens 2.05 Upgrade patch:

Note: patch will not upgrade beta versions. An email with a direct link has been sent to those using a beta copy.


A "Check for newer version" command has been added to the server's system tab help menu. This will make a connection to the Briggs Softworks web site and pull the current version number from a database.


Pauses and freeze ups - these were caused by dropped connections with the server still sending packets. Now each session has its own thread for outgoing game packets so a dropped connection should not interfere with the rest of the games or connections.

Server GUI list bug - selections were not properly maintained in any of the lists (ring, tourney, accounts, connections) if they changed between the time you selected one or more items and the time you clicked a command button. This was also a problem with sorting the lists.

Ring Game Heads-up bug - the wrong blinds would be posted under certain conditions if the table had more than two players but only two were dealt cards.

All-in indicator - Short-stacked players who were forced all-in by the blinds now show "All-in" instead of "0".

Return headers - A proper Content-Type header is now returned in all file port responses. This was causing a problem with some external systems using the "/control" interface.

Tournament leaderboard - the Table column in the lobby now displays the correct table number for players who were moved in a multi-table tournament.

Tournament merge - in a multi-table tournament, new players joining a table should be seated immediately. Previously the system waited for the current player to finish their turn.


Ring game timeout - I've had a couple of reports of players sitting out at a ring game well past the set timeout limit without getting the automatic boot off. So far I'm unable to duplicate this or find a problem in the code.

Tournament merge - Sometimes a "copy" of one player gets left behind on the abandoned table after a merge in a multi-table tournament. I've witnessed this twice myself but so far been unable to duplicate it on my own server or find the problem in the code.

No avatar - On a couple of occasions I've seen a player at a ring game table without an avatar and with a mouseover hint that just shows "(from)" in it. They seemed to be able to play normally, however. As with the other issues, I've yet to duplicate this or find the problem in the code.
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