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Poker Mavens 2.03 Released

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 6:20 pm
by Kent Briggs
Version 2.03 Upgrade Patch:


Added new "Allow account changes" system setting

Select Yes to allow players to change settings in their account (avatar, real name, gender, location, password, and email). Otherwise, accounts can only be edited by the administrator from the Accounts tab.

Added "Chips" button to Accounts tab for setting, incrementing, and decrementing account balances

Click the Chips button to display a menu of commands for adjusting chip balances of all selected players. This method is safe to use even while players are logged in and playing. The follow commands are available:

Set balance - set the chip balance to the desired chip count for all selected players.

Increment balance - adds the desired number of chips to each selected player's account.

Decrement balance - subtracts the desired number of chips from each selected player's account. Three options are available here: "Allow negative" will subtract the chips even if the resulting balance is below 0. "Zero if negative" will subtract the chips but if this results in a negative balance then the account will be reset to 0 automatically. "Skip if negative" will only subtract chips if the resulting balance is 0 or more, otherwise no chips are subtracted from the account.

New "Negative" parameter added to "DecBalance" external control function

Setting this to "Allow" (the default) will let the player's balance go below 0. Setting it to "Zero" will reset the account to 0 if the command results in a negative balance. And setting it "Skip" will only subtract chips if that results in a non-negative balance.

Added "Add" and "Edit" buttons to Blacklist function

You can now manually add or edit blacklist entries even after the player has disconnected.

Added sequential numbering system to tournaments

Starting with 1, tournments are now numbered. That shows in both the hand history and tournament results files.

Game type, buyin, and blinds added to hand history

A new line is added to each hand history. Example:
Game: No Limit Hold'em (1500) - Blinds 10/20

Fixed looping "hand cancelled" bug in ring games

Whenever two or more new players joined a ring game and the current hand ends with only one existing player, the game went into a infinite "hand cancelled" loop.

Ring game players with less than 1 big blind must now rebuy to continue playing

This mirrors how PokerStars handles this.

Dead small blind posts in ring games now shown in pot

When coming back in after sitting out and missing both blinds your small blind (called the "dead") goes directly to the pot. Previously it wasn't showing the chips in the pot when that happened.

Fixed "You have Error" bug in hand helper

This happened when you folded but there were still other players in the hand.

Site News now displays for new players

Before, a new player to a site wouldn't see the Site News unless they manually selected it from the lobby help menu. That is now fixed.

Re: Poker Mavens 2.03 Released

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:40 pm
by selene
You are something else. This is awesome for a single patch. Let's hope the memory leak goes away too.

Re: Poker Mavens 2.03 Released

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:07 pm
by Kent Briggs
selene wrote:Let's hope the memory leak goes away too.

That's probably still there. I've still got to rewrite the code that pings the directory server and do some other stress tests. I wanted to go ahead and release what I had so far to get rid of those ring game bugs. And I've got some more features on the short-term wish list to implement including:

chip transfers between players
admin unregister
/control logging
more /control functions including creating and deleting accounts
chip recovery on server crash

Re: Poker Mavens 2.03 Released

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:03 am
by majianlord
Ring game rakes.... That go no where.. ahahah Sorry cheap Ploy.