I need coding done, new design and much more..

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I need coding done, new design and much more..

Postby BossJr » Tue May 07, 2019 12:01 pm

Hi everybody

Im currently running this software here in my home country Denmark, and I get more and more players all the time.
I have just started all over on request from many of my players.

I need help with all sorts of things on the site, such as:

I would really love a new design, is this a possibility for lobby and table?
(My players are tired of the standard design, so im looking for something more 2019'ish)

Run it twice
- Have anybody ever heard about this? Most of my players asking for this feature and I have talked to Kent, who said that
it won't be implemented anytime soon. My players would be really happy to have this feature.

Slow down hands when ALL IN
Is there a possibility to slow down the hands when somebody is all in?
It is possible on most big poker sites, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in this software?

It is possible that I have more questions in the future. Im always looking for updates and new features for my site!

Kindly respons in this thread or send me a mail on [email protected] If you can do anything of the above.

Best regards
Martin Jensen :mrgreen:
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Re: I need coding done, new design and much more..

Postby ftpjesus » Tue May 07, 2019 5:49 pm

A couple of your ideas will require Ken to integrate in the site probably when he puts out Version 7 of the software as I think he said he would have to do some significant rewrites of the code (If you check the wishlist subforum youll see previous requests for run it twice).. Im sure there are some folks out there who can do some dev work for you I know theres one group offering their services(check the posting by Jackspade in the site admin subforum).. The graphics they have for the sample front end are great however the cost isn't cheap and they will want to host your server on their system for a chunk of the rake (starts at $500/10%) but its up to I guess the individual owner if that's an option for them.. Ive done some different table graphics myself using the templates with different backgrounds (haven't figured out using corel or mspaint on how to change the table felt color due to some weird issue where the felt isn't one single color and has a lot of pixels blended together so the fill option on paint doesn't work to change the table)..
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