Poker Mavens 6.01 Released

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Poker Mavens 6.01 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:16 pm

Upgrade page:


Request Time button appearance no longer resets current bet amount. If the Request Time button appeared while you were in the middle of typing in a bet amount or adjusting the bet slider, it would reset the amount to the minimum.

Fixed Open Tables tab height when Sit&Go tab hidden. When the "Sit and Go tab" setting was "No" the "Open Tables" tab shown to mobile users was rendered incorrectly at about half normal height.

Table import functions no longer fail if table graphic not found. The error will be caught when you go online but lets the import complete in the short term. This change mainly helps me with tech support.

Game names now checked for leading/trailing spaces. This was causing issues with duplicate table name checks.

Fixed typo in remote admin login screen.
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