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Gambling licensing for your poker websites

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:13 pm
by gamblingtec
Hi Everyone and thank you to Kent for allowing me to post an advertisement on the forum!

We work with game developers and offer a gambling licensing service to their customers.

Our service includes the following:

1. Licensing in Malta
2. Licensing in Curacao
3. Licensing as a service via our platform (a white label option)
4. Offshore hosting services (we host your casino from Curacao which is a popular hosting destination for American and Canadian casinos).

For the sake of brevity, I am not going to outline the direct licensing options or discuss offshore hosting. If this is an interest, post your questions and I will answer them. Have a look in my signature to find links to the pages that outline these services.

The service I believe will be interesting to this forum is GamblingTec which is a licensed wallet offered as a service via our platform. You integrate your poker application (or any game) into the wallet which is responsible for authentication, payments, transfers, accounting etc. Players fund their accounts using our pre-existing payment options (Credit Card, NETeller, Skrill and soon Bitcoin etc.).

Our job is to manage the underlying legal aspect of running a poker room, your job is to market and run the actual room.

As with anything, it is not free but won't break the bank either. You will need to cover costs such as:
1. Hosting of your game server - from 72.00 EUR
2. Hosting of your brand - form 36.50 EUR
3. White label license for your domain name (4500 EUR per annum)
4. Fixed fee costs which are offered on a sliding scale against a revenue share model (designed like this to help small companies with a small to zero budget)

I am interested in feedback from the community. Would this be something useful?

Re: Gambling licensing for your poker websites

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:40 am
by ftpjesus
Sent an email late Friday but was kind of hoping to get a reply today please advise if you got it.. Was sent from my personal email [email protected]

Re: Gambling licensing for your poker websites

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:16 pm
by gamblingtec

I did not get an email on Fruday, however, I have just responded to your latest contact on our support desk.


Re: Gambling licensing for your poker websites

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:49 am
by social
4500 EUR per annum for what, exactly? Just the use of a URL?

Re: Gambling licensing for your poker websites

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:53 pm
by ftpjesus
I believe Social that is the cost for being included on the gambling license.. Essentially you are a sublicensee on their master license in Curacao. If you've done any research into going legal you should know that getting a gaming license is far from cheap even in low regulated locations..