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Beta 2.40

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2009 7:50 pm
by Kent Briggs
I'm looking for a few volunteers (current Pro or Gold customers only) to beta test version 2.40 for a few days before I unleash it on the public. Email me if interested. Please include your original order/invoice number if you have it so I can find you in my customer database.

The new features include:

Custom color schemes - (Pro/Gold only) You can now change the client color scheme, including the chat text color. A helper utility with several sample schemes is located here:

More table graphics customization - (Pro/Gold only) Instead of only being able to replace the background and logo graphic, you now specify a single graphic that replaces the background, table, and table logo. In addition, you can now customize the chat box frame and the table seats. Complete instructions with templates are here:

Account Settings - The player accounts now have a "Title" and a "Level" setting (all versions) that administrators can use in any way they wish. Both are displayed in the player's avatar mouse-over hint at the tables. Typically the Title field will be used to identify a player with a special position, such as moderator, banker, administrator, etc. There is also a new option in the system settings to have this title displayed in square brackets before the player's name in the chat boxes. The Level setting will typically be used to assign some kind of performance level or ranking. In addition, different chat colors can now be assigned to specific players (Pro/Gold only).

An "In" column has been added to the Accounts tab in the server indicating if the player is currently logged in. If so, that row will also be displayed in red color.

On the Connections tab, a search feature has been added that works just like the one built into the client (shows where a player is seated). This feature is not yet in the Remote Admin interface but will be soon now that I just reminded myself of it. ;)

The blacklist function will now check for blacklisted IPs before a login attempt is made to help thwart a denial of service attack.

Tournaments - There is now a "Prize bonus" field where the house can add additional chips to the prize pool. Handy for freerolls where you want to award a chip prize to the winner(s).

Table Sorting - Players can now sort the ring game and tournament lists in the client interface on any column.

Hand History - In the server-side hand history files, all of the cards that were dealt in the hand are now displayed in a "** Deck **" line at the end (once hand is complete). This should help with debugging support.

Re: Beta 2.40

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 10:30 am
Did you get enough testers?

Re: Beta 2.40

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 10:59 am
by Kent Briggs
SVTF wrote:Did you get enough testers?

Yeah, I'm good. I'll probably do the public release either later today or Monday.