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Poker Mavens 5.17 Released

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:37 pm
by Kent Briggs
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API commands for log files can now return partial files using the new optional Start and Count parameters, indicating the starting line number (from 0) and the number of lines to retrieve. A Start value of -1 will retrieve Count lines from the end of the file. A Count value of 0 retrieves all of the remaining lines from the Start point. The default values are 0, which retrieves the entire file. These new parameters are now in the LogsError, LogsEvent, LogsHandHistory, LogsLobbyChat, and the new LogsCallback (see below) API commands.

Increased callback event buffer to 10000 items. Previously this was only set to 500, which meant that if you had move that 500 callbacks queued up before they could get out, the overflow would be discarded. At 10000 this is less likely to happen now unless there is an issue with the outgoing connection to your callback server.

Added option to save callback events to a log file (JSON object format) with "Save callbacks to file" setting added to the Callback Events group. A corresponding "Maximum callback days" setting controls how long older log files are kept in the data folder before getting deleted. A new LogsCallback command has been added to the API to retrieve these files and works exactly like the LogsError/LogsEvent commands with the new Start and Count parameters. When callbacks are saved to a log file, any live calls to your callback URL will contain a new "Index" parameter, indicating the line number in the file (from 0) for that event. This will allow you to detect any skipped calls with the ability to retrieve them with an API call. You also now have the option not to make callbacks (by leaving the URL setting blank) and just logging them to file and retrieving them as needed via API commands.

The API Reference Utility has been updated (ver 1.02) to reflect these changes:

The SystemStats command in the API now reports free disk space on the drive where your data folder is located.