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Betting Question

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:51 am
by gvazdas
Hey, a user on my site has another question about betting. I have no idea what he's talking about so maybe you might have a clue.
Hand #8862192-167 - 2016-06-08 19:24:35
Game: NL Hold'em (2000 - 10000) - Blinds 50/100
Table: #3-3 Low-tier table [50/100][Rake 4%]
Seat 2: player1 (11493)
Seat 3: PLAYER2 (2000)
Seat 4: player3 (9407)
Seat 5: Player4 (10000) - waiting for big blind
Seat 6: PLAYER5 (9754)
PLAYER5 has the dealer button
player1 posts small blind 50
PLAYER2 posts big blind 100
** Hole Cards ** [4 players]
player3 calls 100
PLAYER5 raises to 400
player1 folds
PLAYER2 calls 300
player3 calls 300
** Flop ** [Qh 5h Ks]
PLAYER2 checks
player3 bets 200
PLAYER5 calls 200
PLAYER2 calls 200
** Turn ** [9d]
PLAYER2 checks
player3 bets 400
PLAYER5 raises to 1200
PLAYER2 raises to 1400 (All-in)
player3 calls 1000
PLAYER5 calls 200
** River ** [Kd]
player3 bets 2000
PLAYER5 raises to 7754 (All-in)
player3 calls 5407 (All-in)
PLAYER5 refunded 347
** Side Pot 1 Show Down ** [Qh 5h Ks 9d Kd]
player3 shows [5d 5s] (a Full House, Fives full of Kings)
PLAYER5 shows [9h 9s] (a Full House, Nines full of Kings)
PLAYER5 wins Side Pot 1 (14814) with a Full House
Rake (0) Pot (14814) Players (player1: 0, PLAYER2: 0, player3: 7407, PLAYER5: 7407)
** Main Pot Show Down ** [Qh 5h Ks 9d Kd]
PLAYER2 shows [8h Kh] (Three of a Kind, Kings +Q9)
PLAYER5 wins Main Pot (5833) with a Full House
Rake (217) Pot (6050) Players (player1: 50, PLAYER2: 2000, player3: 2000, PLAYER5: 2000)
** Summary **
Board: [Qh 5h Ks 9d Kd], Players: 4, Pots: 2, Total: 20647, Rake: 217, End: Showdown
Seat 2: player1 (-50) [4c Ad] Folded on PreFlop
Seat 3: PLAYER2 (-2000) [8h Kh] Showdown with Three of a Kind, Kings +Q9
Seat 4: player3 (-9407) [5d 5s] Showdown with a Full House, Fives full of Kings
Seat 6: PLAYER5 (+11240) [9h 9s] Showdown with a Full House, Nines full of Kings

PLAYER 5 is complaining about this:
i have 10k,player 1 has 9.4k and player 2 has 2k
i have 99 player 1 limp 100 i raise to 400 player 2 calls and also player 1
player 2 checks,player 1 bets 200 me and player 2 calls
turn 9
player 2 checks player one bets 400,i raise to 1200 and player 2 shoves his 1400,player 1 then calles the 1400 and then it shoes me that i can just call the left 200 and that i cant shove my 10k allthough player 1 still have plemty of chips...

I'm assuming he has issues shoving. How do I explain this to him?

Re: Betting Question

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:55 pm
by Kent Briggs
You (PLAYER5) cannot raise your own bet/call/raise unless someone acting after you makes a full raise. The all-in player (PLAYER2) could only make a partial raise and the player after that (player3) decided to only call so when the action gets back around to PLAYER5, his only option is to call that partial raise or fold. Note that player3 could have raised because his 400 bet was fully raised by PLAYER5. And if he had done that, then PLAYER5 could have re-raised. But he only called so PLAYER5 had no full raises to act upon.

Re: Betting Question

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:02 am
by gvazdas
Thanks, Kent!