Poker Mavens 2.30 Released

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Poker Mavens 2.30 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:03 pm

Upgrade patch page:

Performance improvements:

Reduced outbound server traffic by only sending changes to the Logins, Ring Games, and Tournaments lists. Previously the complete lists were sent to each client every time there was change. This put a big strain on both the client and server when the login count approached 200.

Replaced all standard ListView controls in server console with faster third-party controls. The standard Windows ListView components used previously for the list of connections and accounts in the server console were really slow to update when the lists were large. This also put a strain on the server.

Reduced memory footprint for connection threads. Each connection uses two threads for I/O control. The default stack has been reduced so that each connection uses less memory.

These changes should allow a fast system to support several hundred logins at once now.

Other changes:

Added pause controls to Logs page in server console. This allows you to study the logs on a live server without the list scrolling.

"Loading data" message now displayed at server startup. The amount of time the server console takes to load depends on how many account files it has to load from the hard drive.

Bug fixes:

The "Your waiting list position is #" message on tourney table is now updated when a change occurs. Previously you had to close the table and reopen it to see the updated number.

When an all-in bet is not called, the overbet is now returned immediately to the player's stack rather than going to the pot first. For example:

Player 1 bets 100
Player 2 raises all-in to 1000
Player 1 folds

Previously, the system would move all 1100 chips to the center pot before giving them to Player 2. Now the the 900 chip overbet is returned to Player 2, and the remaining 200 go to the center pot and are then awarded to Player 2. The end result is the same but the "Player 2 wins xxx chips" message is now more accurate.
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